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Individual Counseling

There are periods of time in a person’s life that may lead you on a journey of further exploration.  Individual counseling can help assist you on that journey. 

Often times a professional can help an individual better cope with many of life’s transitions.  Some of these transitions may include divorce or separation, fertility, the death of a loved one, retirement, relocation, career changes, illness, adjusting to a new school, and new parenthood including post partum depression. 

These periods of transition often bring up a myriad of emotions and challenges that may be difficult at times.  Individual counseling is helpful for children, teens, and adults to develop better coping skills in which to deal with all of the transitions one may encounter in life.



Having a relationship in which you feel loved and connected can be one of the greatest joys in life.

However, there are times where situations may arise that bring great challenge to the relationship.  When the couple can begin to work together with a professional, this can promote positive change and growth. 

Working on trust building, improving communication, and creating a better environment for mutual support and understanding are several of the areas where couples counseling can really help.



There is nothing more a family wants but for their children to be happy, confident and full of success in life.

But sometimes kids have struggles that their family is not sure how to handle.  That is where counseling comes in…to help kids increase their self-esteem, improve communication with their family, and to have a safe place in to increase coping skills while dealing with life’s many stressors and transition. 

Some of these may include divorce/step family changes, death of a loved one, change of schools, anxiety or depression, social issues with peers, and academic challenges.



“Karyn is my go to resource in the local community.  She is the first counselor that I refer my students to because I know that she instantly puts them at ease and creates a sense of comfort.  Karyn works well with people of all ages, but I have personally referred students with heightened anxiety and/or students that need an open ear, a helpful listener, and or a solution focused individual.  When you meet Karyn you will see that her calming nature, her intelligent demeanor, her high regard for confidentiality an professionalism can be scene within the first 5 minutes of your interactions.  


Additionally, as a school counselor Karyn is my go to resource whenever we need a professional from the community to share resources, talk with large groups on varying issues (especially loss and grief), work with smaller groups, or individuals.  I feel really lucky both personally and professionally to have connected with Karyn.  She is an amazing person and valuable resource to our community.”


~ Michelle, Guidance Counselor

Contact Karyn

2499 Ste 109 Glades Road

Boca Raton, Fl 33431  |  Tel: 561-306-0232

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