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Fertility Counseling


For many people conceiving a child is a natural process without much thought, concern or anxiety.  It is assumed that when a person is ready to have a baby, it will happen quite quickly.  

Multiple attempts to try to conceive can begin to take a toll on the relationship.  It begins to break down the lines of communication, question the goals and desires, and create a great deal of stress.  It is an all-consuming period of time that can be isolating and overwhelming. 

Often women are so focused that their partners may not understand these pressures and begin to feel they are not the priority in the relationship anymore.  You may find yourself consumed with thoughts about having a family, and beginning to feel angry, resentful, disconnected, and anxious.  People may start to feel very alone and that no one understands what they are going through.  


Secondary infertility (difficulty becoming pregnant after having a child) is also a time for people that can be very frustrating and isolating. 

Fertility counseling for individuals and couples can help navigate those stressors, open up the lines of communication and understanding, and assist with difficult decisions that often come up throughout the process. 


Fertility Services


Third Party Reproduction (Egg and Sperm Donation) Counseling and Consultation –Mental Health Screening for Recipients.

For most individuals and couples  it is recommended by your reproductive endocrinologist and/or egg donor and surrogacy agency to follow the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) Guidelines to complete a mental health screening prior to using third party reproductive methods such as In Vitro Fertilization. 

This is typically for clients who may be considering using a sperm or egg donor, or a surrogate to help them achieve the goal of having a family. Counseling can help you explore all of the issues and feelings that may coincide with the intervention and treatment. 

There are many themes that come up as normal concerns for Intended Parent’s.  Some of these include: Should we tell the child about their conception details?  What, if anything, do we tell our family and close friends?  We are worried one of us may have concerns about not being genetically connected to the child. 

Counseling can help address these concerns, plus provide you with resources and support you may have known existed



Mental Health Screenings for Oocyte Donors and Surrogates


Karyn Rosenberg follows the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines for mental health screenings and offers MMPI test administration for women planning to be oocyte donors or surrogates.

She works with many of the local reproductive endocrinologists, egg donor and surrogacy agencies, and attorneys who specialize in third party reproduction.





 “As an assisted reproductive attorney, it is critical for me to know that my clients have performed a thorough mental health evaluation prior to proceeding with the legal stage of their process, whether it be for surrogacy, or egg/sperm/embryo donation. I have the upmost confidence knowing a mental health evaluation was completed in a professional manner and in accordance with all applicable best practices for any client who performed their mental health evaluation with Karyn Rosenberg. Third party reproduction is an emotional process and I know Karyn is sensitive to this fact and treats each client with warmth, great attention to detail, and ensures that the mental health screening is performed to the highest of standards.”


~ Marla Neufeld, Esq.



“I’ve known psychotherapist Karyn Rosenberg since I relocated my Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility practice to South Florida 14 years ago.  She is warm, caring, smart, non-judgmental, and professional in her approach.  Karyn is an expert in family counseling, fertility support, and assistance with pregnancy loss/grieving.  Ms. Rosenberg is highly qualified and specially trained in discussing the various aspects of third-party reproduction such as the need for donor sperm, donor eggs, and gestational surrogacy, too.


I’ve referred many of my patients to Karyn Rosenberg over the years.  She healed their minds and their souls while I helped navigate their bodies through the maze of fertility treatments.  In the end, they wholeheartedly thanked me for respecting their psychological well-being and for sending them to her. “


~ Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG

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