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Perinatal Mental Health

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Pregnancy & Postpartum 

For many new parents, having a baby is something they have been planning and anticipating with joy. 

For some women, becoming a mother is one of the most stressful transitions that anyone could encounter.  Many times you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and full of stress and anxiety. 

It is very common to experience a myriad of emotions after childbirth.  This new baby is a “bundle of joy” but also can make moms feel like they are alone in their emotions. Postpartum depression is common in 10-20% of women following childbirth. 

Karyn Rosenberg has been counseling women dealing with postpartum depression or baby blues for many years, and can help provide support, education, and increase coping skills during this time of transition in a woman’s life.





“Karyn’s support during my journey to motherhood is what I am most grateful for.  She was there for me during pregnancies, miscarriages and my postpartum experiences.  I am forever grateful that I had her to talk to and work through all of the emotions, challenges and changes during these times. 


She creates a safe space to feel what I feel and work towards being my best self.  She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and she truly cares.  I always leave her sessions feeling as though a weight has been lifted!”


~ Michelle

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2499 Ste 109 Glades Road

Boca Raton, Fl 33431  |  Tel: 561-306-0232

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