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There are periods of time in a person’s life that may lead you on a journey of further exploration.  Individual counseling can help assist you on that journey. 

Often times a professional can help an individual better cope with many of life’s transitions.  Some of these transitions may include divorce or separation, fertility, the death of a loved one, retirement, relocation, career changes, illness, adjusting to a new school, and new parenthood including post partum depression. 

These periods of transition often bring up a myriad of emotions and challenges that may be difficult at times.  Individual counseling is helpful for children, teens, and adults to develop better coping skills in which to deal with all of the transitions one may encounter in life.



“Karyn has an incredibly comforting presence.  I have loved sharing happy moments with her and I am also incredibly grateful that she has been there to support me during more challenging times.  She is thoughtful, kind & knowledgeable.  She truly listens and she deeply cares.  Having someone like Karyn to support me during my personal mental health journey has been a true gift.”  


~ Michelle



“Karyn worked with my middle school-aged son.  She taught him strategies to relieve stress and helped him understand how to cope with unresolved grief.  Her approach is non-threatening, empathetic, and understanding.  My son felt very comfortable talking with her and benefited greatly from their discussions.”


~ Jennifer  

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 Boca Raton, Fl 33434  |  Tel: 561-306-0232

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