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Grief & Loss

Bereavement Counseling

Coping with the death of someone special is one of the most difficult things you may ever face in your life. Whether your loved one died from a long term illness or from a sudden loss, the days and months following can feel overwhelming. The period of bereavement is often a long and lonely path.

Grief counseling with a professional who specializes in bereavement issues can help you along that journey. One of the things I hear from clients is that they feel what they are experiencing is not normal. Emotional pain, cognitive difficulties, sleepless nights, and physical symptoms are all part of the grief process.

I began my work in the area of grief and loss in the mid 1990's while working in the Hospice Movement. I had the privilege of helping terminally ill patients and their loved ones cope during this critical time in their life.


Since then I have provided grief counseling to adults and children, ran grief support groups for adults and children, and have conducted countless workshops and training in the field of grief and bereavement.


Furthermore, I served as an Adjunct Instructor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton where I taught Grief Counseling to graduate students.



“I am a retired New York City firefighter who had a few issues after 9/11.  I've spoken to a few counselors and psychologist over the past 19 years, and by far Karyn is the best one I have spoken with.  


The approach she took with me in our first few sessions of having me write my thoughts out at home in the comfort of my own house opened us up to having the best professional experience I have ever had with a counselor.  


The ability that she has of remembering the things and people that I've talk about in previous sessions is amazing.  Either she takes great notes after I leave her office or she has an incredible memory.  Either way that is great professionalism and caring that makes every session very personal.  


I have recommended her services to a couple of my retired co workers with great results.   I highly recommend Karyn Rosenberg for whatever issues you are troubled with.  Knowing her over these past years has definitely improved my life and outlook on life.”

~ Paul


“I attended therapy with my children soon after suffering a sudden and tragic loss. It was very helpful to our family. I appreciated Karyn’s professional yet compassionate approach to our grief.”


~ Karen

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2499 Ste 109 Glades Road

Boca Raton, Fl 33431  |  Tel: 561-306-0232

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